Annie Searle releases fresh 'Advice from a Risk Detective'

Cover of Advice from a Risk Detective bookiSchool Senior Lecturer Annie Searle has released a new, third edition of “Advice from a Risk Detective,” a book of practical advice for identifying risks and making plans to deal with them.

Searle walks readers through some of life’s most common risks, citing examples from her own life, including a house fire that destroyed thousands of books and an episode in St. Petersburg where she lost her bearings. She illustrates the value of having plans so that risks can be taken with confidence.

“Being aware means that it is possible to identify risks and make a plan,” Searle writes. “Being prepared means having more control over the outcome of events. I don’t identify all the risks or all the plans that one can make. I do discuss what is reasonable rather than what is possible.”

The book is divided into five chapters — home, school, work, online and on the road — and is written for a broad audience. Each chapter contains “reasonable precautions” readers can take to prepare for the many things that can go wrong in life.

In its third edition, the book updates emergency management advice, adds advice around workplace challenges, and discusses new technology tools that have been created since the second edition, published in 2012.

Searle is the founder and principal at Annie Searle & Associates, a Seattle-based firm founded in 2009. Her background includes 10 years as a senior executive for enterprise risk services at Washington Mutual and 15 years as president and CEO of Delphi Computers & Peripherals. She has been an iSchool lecturer since 2015, teaching courses in topics such as information management, privacy, cybersecurity and operational risk.