Minor in Informatics to be offered beginning in fall

The University of Washington Information School will offer a minor in Informatics beginning in the fall. The minor, approved by the UW Curriculum Committee in June, will complement a wide variety of majors on campus by offering students an opportunity to learn about data, design, policy and ethics, and code in order to solve information problems.

“The Informatics minor may be especially helpful to students in the humanities and social sciences who love their major, but also are looking for a way to stand out among their peers,” said program chair Scott Barker, who worked to establish the minor. “Whether you’re a sociology, music, art, or communications major, knowing something about data, code, design, and policy can only make you stronger when it comes time to look for a job.”

The minor is open, so students do not need to apply in order to declare it. It calls for a minimum of 25 credits in required courses and 7 credits in electives. Those who are interested should contact the advising staff of their major to learn about the appropriate procedures for declaring the minor.

Learn more about the Informatics minor.