iSchool faculty, students present at HICSS

The iSchool faculty and students chaired program tracks, presented papers and facilitated workshops and symposia at the 49th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS) held January 5 – 8, 2016.

HICSS brings together researchers from over 40 countries (approximately 50% non-US) to exchange scientific ideas about a range of technology and information topics.

Professor Hans Jochen Scholl co-chaired the Electronic Government track, co-facilitated a half-day meeting entitled “Realizing the Promise of Social Media (in Public Sector),” and co-presented the paper “Smart Governance: A Cross-case Analysis of Smart City Initiatives.”

Associate Professor Karine Nahon co-chaired the Social Networking and Communities track.

Professor Bob Mason, Jeff Hemsley, Ph.D. ’14 and Shawn Walker, Ph.D. candidate, facilitated a day-long workshop on Social Media Research. Mason also co-chaired a mini track entitled, “Critical and Ethical Studies of Digital and Social Media.”

Associate Professor Ricardo Gomez co-facilitated a mini-track entitled, “Information and Communication Technologies for Development: Contributing to Human Development and Social Justice.”

Assistant Professor Jaime Snyder received a best paper nomination and co-presented the paper “Observing the Materiality of Values in Information Systems Research.”

Assistant Professor Emma Spiro and Adjunct Assistant Professor Kate Starbird co-presented the paper “Rumors at the Speed of Light? Modeling the Rate of Rumor Transmission during Crisis.”

Ph.D. candidate Jordan Eschler presented the paper “A Critical Refection on Social Media Research Using an Autoethnographic Approach.”