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Cynthia Del Rosario

iSchool’s diversity initiatives are all-inclusive

iSchool students, staff and faculty have volunteered for the iDEA project, which stands for iSchool diversity, equity and access. It is part of the UW’s Race and Equity Initiative, launched in spring 2015 by President Ana Mari Cauce.

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Jacob Wobbrock

Wobbrock, MAD Lab make technology accessible for all

Designers embed certain assumptions about people’s abilities into the technologies they create. Take, for example, the touchscreens on our computers, tabletops, tablets, and smartphones. “Touchscreens assume people can point a finger, suspend an arm, reach out, and land cleanly. That’s a lot of assumptions. What if someone can’t do those things?” asks Jacob O. Wobbrock , director of the Mobile...

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Bill Howe

Bill Howe aims to make cities smarter using data science

Bill Howe’s enthusiasm for data is matched only by his desire to improve the health and vibrancy of modern cities. At the intersection of those twin passions is where Howe , an associate professor at the Information School, has launched UrbAnalytics , a partnership of research projects around the University of Washington campus with the common threads of data and...

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James Porter

Scholarship helps Informatics student balance school and life

Family is important to James Porter. It’s a big part of the reason he chose to attend the University of Washington. He wanted to go to the best school in the state, but he also wanted to be close to his family in the Seattle area. Porter has found a new sense of family since coming to the UW, where...

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Jason Yip

Kids inspire Jason Yip's research into technology and learning

Jason Yip knows that, to be a good designer, he has to work closely with the people he’s designing for. For Yip, that means a lot of time hanging around with curious kids. Yip , an assistant professor at the iSchool, heads up KidsTeam UW, an after-school program that works to create technology and learning experiences with kids, for kids...

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Students create an underwater experience in virtual reality

Students do a deep dive in virtual reality

A little more than a year ago, Mano Barkovics didn’t know much about virtual reality. He thought it was interesting, sure, but didn’t believe in its ability to truly immerse a person in a virtual world. That all changed with a class at the University of Washington’s iSchool and a project to create a virtual reality underwater submersible. Barkovics, who...

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Kids explore eReaders in Kenya

TASCHA takes mobile literacy effort to Kenya

The Technology and Social Change Group’s Chris Rothschild and Melody Clark recently visited Kenya to work with national and international organizations to develop training for public librarians who are helping people navigate an abrupt onslaught of information via mobile devices, internet and applications. Rothschild and Clark, both researchers at TASCHA and UW alumni (2009 and 2010, respectively), spent a full...

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Cynthia Del Rosario

iSchool's Cynthia Del Rosario leads curriculum diversity effort

At the University of Washington, curriculum transformation is a process that asks faculty members to take a critical stance on power and difference in the classroom, interweave multiple perspectives, and integrate student voices and knowledge into the learning process. “The Diversity Blueprint and the Diversity Requirement set goals for change at the university level, but within each classroom, curriculum transformation...

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MSIM students on internships

Internships put MSIM students' training to work

Students in the Information School’s Master of Science in Information Management program put their skills to work over the summer during internships at major companies such as Tesla Motors, IBM, Visa and PricewaterhouseCoopers. What they found was that their classes in the MSIM program translated directly to the workplace. That was certainly the case for Srijan Bhushan, who worked at...

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Alexander Bell-Towne and Brittney Hoy

Informatics students make some magic during internships

The best thing about many Informatics internships is that companies just put you on a team and expect you to produce awesome products. You are expected to hit the ground running. That was the case for Brittney Hoy and Alexander Bell-Towne, second-year informatics majors, during their 12-week summer internships. Both students had more than one internship offer to choose from...

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