The academic and research work of Ph.D. students is guided with the input of faculty members. Students work with a number of advisors and advisory committees during throughout their degree. This committees include: advisory committee, supervisory committee, and reading committee.

With the input of the student and faculty members a preliminary faculty adviser is assigned to each student when they enter the Ph.D. program. The preliminary adviser guides the student with practical matters regarding life and work as a doctoral student, understanding the structure of the program and relevant policies and also supports the student in identifying an advisory committee.

During the student’s 2nd quarter the adviser and student identify an advisory committee that will work with the student until a supervisory committee is established.

Prior to preparing for the general exam and registering for INSC 600, students establish their supervisory committee. This committee will advise the student's work through the dissertation process.

The final committee established is the reading committee, which is established once the student successfully completes the dissertation proposal defense.  At the Information School, the composition of this committee is the same as the supervisory committee (excluding the GSR) and includes the internal reviewer. The reading committee should be established at the time of the dissertation proposal defense, with the exception of the internal reviewer who is added later.

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