New Students

New Students


New MLIS and MSIM students: shortly after receiving your offer of admission you will receive Admitted Student Information Packets with important "getting started" information.  Then by June you'll receive welcome/registration materials, which have additional details about the autumn orientation events.

New Informatics students, you will receive your change of major forms and introductory information over the summer.    

Autumn 2017 Orientations  

More information on events for new students can be found here.

  • All iSchool Students
    • All iSchool Welcome (for all new iSchool students): September 19
    • All iSchool Fair (for all new iSchool students): September 20
    • First day of Autumn Quarter: September 27
  • Informatics Students
    • First Year Informatics Orientation: September 19
  • MLIS Students
    • Residential MLIS Orientation: September 18-20
      • Tech Workshops for Residential MLIS Students: available on September 21, 22 & 25
    • Online MLIS Orientation: September 18-20
  • MSIM Students
    • MSIM International Student Event: September 18
    • Full-Time MSIM Orientation: September 19
    • MSIM Career Prep Day: September 20
    • Tech Workshops for MSIM Students: available on September 21, 22 & 25
    • Mid-Career MSIM Orientation & Tech Workshops: September 25
  • Ph.D. Students
    • Tech Workshops for Ph.D. Students: available on September 21 & 22
    • Ph.D. New Student Orientation: September 25
  • International Students
    • UW iSchool International Graduate Student Orientation: September 18
    • FIUTS Fall 2017 Orientation for International Students: available September 11-22
      • All new international students will be required to attend a check-in/welcome session.
        These sessions will be repeated each morning, and students are required to attend only one.

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