iSchool Capstone

TUNE Onboarding - Reducing Complexity Through User Centered Design

Project tags:

information behavior & user research

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

Project poster

User onboarding is critical in helping new customers successfully adapt to a product. Currently, TUNE’s innovative but extremely complex mobile marketing products provide minimal onboarding assistance for new users. This results in high drop off rates and new customers choosing competitor products. Our team set out to tackle this onboarding problem using the design process. We performed extensive research and competitive analysis to test a combination of new and existing onboarding patterns. Informed by this research and testing, we created a new set of patterns that would solve our sponsor’s specific onboarding issues. When implemented, these new patterns will not only help new users find the product’s core value faster but also lower the number of rudimentary questions that support team and sales engineers need to answer. Overall, this will help acquire new customers, retain existing customers and increased revenue.

Project participants:

Amar Kohli


Dhawal Lachhwani


Sonal Srivastava


Yunjie Zhou