iSchool Capstone

WWU Financial Aid Website Redesign

Project tags:

business & systems analysis

data science & visualization

information architecture

Project poster

The financial aid process is full of esoteric rules and regulations. Students on financial aid, who are considering dropping a class, must navigate a complex process. Without realizing it, students can inadvertently set off a chain of events that can jeopardize their ability to continue to attend college. Our tool guides students through this complexity by tailoring a series of questions to fit their situation. Easy to navigate and available to explore, our tool empowers students to investigate the consequences of their decisions. We want students to understand how they might be impacted by financial aid details and what they can do about it. In addition, to improve the overall findability of the financial aid website, we designed an improved navigational framework that allows students to quickly find answers to questions without having to contact the financial aid office. We're excited to show you how our work has brought a touch of simplicity to a complex situation.

Project participants:

Deborah Frost


Patrick McCall


Brian W Smith


Jason Smith