iSchool Capstone

Corelytics: Data Analysis of Small IT Businesses

Project tags:

business & systems analysis

data science & visualization

Project poster

Corelytics provides more than 135 small IT service businesses’ with a financial management tool that helps these businesses maintain an automated account keeping system. The tool, through data analysis algorithms, analyzes and flags transactions that misalign with businesses’ financial goals. Executives use the tool’s dashboard to cut data noise and determine “WHAT” aspects of financial data needs attention for improving revenue to expense ratio. However, these smaller businesses lack resources to analyze and determine how to improve key financial pivots. Wouldn’t it be great if businesses could see financial data trends of healthy companies within their industry? Our project aims on delivering this exact solution by analyzing all hosted financial data in a specific industry. We want to provide financially weaker businesses with healthy trends in their industry via the tool’s dashboard. This will help them determine the “HOW” of improving revenue to expense ratio so that Corelytics can stay true to its commitment of enabling “BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS”.

Project participants:

Karina Jain


Vatsal Mehta