iSchool Capstone

Food Detective

Project tags:

mobile or web development

social media

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Food Detective is a mobile application that empowers those with dietary restrictions to understand what is in their food. The main feature is a barcode scanner that matches a user’s dietary needs against the contents of a product. This will allow users quickly and easily answer one question: “Can I consume this product?” This is the single most important question for anyone living with a restriction. By enabling them to quickly get this answer, we increase their chances of eating within their guide lines and improving their quality of life.

Our application is available on both Android and iOS, both applications implement the core scanning functionality, a sharing and saving system so that users can keep track of products they like, and alert their friends about potential products they may want to buy. Through this simple system, we hope to help those with special diets live a healthy and productive life.

Project participants:

Peter Bernhardt


Nick Van Wiggeren


Sean Payne


Taylor Owens