Academic Programs

Informatics student in computer labBachelor of Science in Informatics

The Informatics program allows students to develop the skills and knowledge to design, build, implement, and secure information systems. As they explore rewarding careers as business analysts, user experience designers, information architects, and product managers, they move organizations and society forward.

Eric RileyMaster of Library and Information Science

The MLIS program prepares students to become leaders in the library and information world. Equipped with a keen understanding of the uses and users of information, graduates use their knowledge and determination to lead in a world where information is increasingly the most important commodity.

MSIM studentsMaster of Science in Information Management

The MSIM program prepares students for careers in data management and transfer, business intelligence, information assurance and security, and information system design. Graduates gain critical analytical and management skills necessary to lead the complex information-intensive projects most organizations struggle with in the information age.

Jill WoelferPh.D. in Information Science

The Ph.D. program's strong interdisciplinary approach to scholarship helps recipients to turn their creativity and curiosity into inspired high-level research, teaching and service to their communities. The program focuses on the broad areas of human-computer interaction and design, information management, information policy, information science, and library science.

Non-degree Options

The Information School partners with UW Extension to provide a gateway for professional development and career advancement. Offerings are available for students seeking:

Continuing Education for LIS Professional Development

The iSchool provides students interested in Continuing Education (CE) with options for graduate-level electives. These offerings are for people working in the library and information science field who are looking for professional development opportunities.

Certificate Programs 

Programs offered by UW Professional and Continuing Education for information professionals include both classroom-based and online options.

Individual Courses for Non-Degree Seeking Students

Some MLIS and MSIM courses are open to students with non-matriculated or graduate non-matriculated status.