Community Resources

Asian Counseling & Referral Services
Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization offering a broad array of human services and behavioral health programs to Asian Pacific Americans in King County. ACRS is the largest multiservice organization serving all the different Asian Pacific American communities - immigrants, refugees and American born - in the Pacific Northwest.

Boeing Diversity Councils and Affinity Groups
Diversity Councils are integrated groups of site leaders, managers and employees who work to improve employee engagement, provide learning and leadership opportunities, increase communication, and facilitate implementation of organizational diversity plans. Diversity councils are supported by a local "executive champion." Boeing has more than 40 Diversity Councils. Affinity groups are employee-led associations designed to further personal and professional development, promote diversity within the company and strengthen networking. The members share a common interest, such as race, gender or cultural identity. The seven affinity groups collectively have more than 80 local chapters.

Centro de la Raza
El Centro de la Raza is a voice and a hub for Seattle and Martin Luther King, Jr. County’s Latino community as we advocate on behalf of our people and work to achieve social justice. Through our comprehensive programs and services, we empower members of the Latino community as fully participating members of society. We also work to raise awareness with the general public, and government, business and civic leaders about the needs of the Chicano/Latino community in the United States.

Employee Resource Groups and Networks at Microsoft
To help foster diversity and inclusion, Microsoft has a rich community of Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and Employee Networks (EN). These organizations provide career development, support, networking opportunities, mentoring, community participation, product input, and assistance in activities that promote cultural awareness. Their programs include speaker series, scholarship programs, community service, development conferences, and heritage celebrations.

Filipino American National Historical Society
Founded in 1982, the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) is truly a community-based organization whose mission is “...to preserve, document, and present Filipino American history and to support scholarly research and artistic works which reflect that rich past...” The national office and archives is housed in Seattle, operating year-round to lend expertise and support to twenty-seven chapters across the United States and is recognized as the primary informational resource on Filipino Americans for: community organizations; primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities; local and national museums and historical associations; independent authors, playwrights, and filmmakers; and teachers, students, and scholars.

Northwest African American Museum
The Northwest African American Museum is a vibrant community gathering place, a place where youth, adults and families can honor the past and articulate the future. The Museum documents and exhibits the unique historical and cultural experiences of African Americans in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The Museum is a generative institution capturing history and culture as it occurs, synthesizing what it means for today and tomorrow.

Technology Access Foundation (TAF)
TAF is a nonprofit leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education that equips students of color for success in college and life. We partner with public education, businesses and the community to actively engage students in the real world, and we share our successes to advance systemic reform that improves STEM education for all.

United Indians of All Tribes
United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (UIATF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in Seattle, Washington in 1970. The mission of United Indians is to foster and sustain a strong sense of identity, tradition, and well-being among the Indian people in the Puget Sound area by promoting their cultural, economic, and social welfare. This is accomplished through the development and operation of educational, social, economic, and cultural programs and activities benefiting local Native Americans, and by maintaining a strong link with Indian tribes and other urban Indian organizations and their allies throughout the State of Washington.

Urban League
Through public advocacy, providing services and developing strong business and community partnerships, the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle strives to empower, enable, and assist African Americans, other people of color and disadvantaged individuals in becoming self-sufficient.

Wing Luke Asian Museum
The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience is dedicated to immersing people in uniquely-American stories of survival, success, struggle, conflict, compassion and hope. The Museum is in the heart of Seattle’s vibrant Chinatown-International District, and includes the very hotel where countless immigrants first found a home, a meal and refuge. As our nation’s only museum devoted to the Asian Pacific American experience, it’s one of the few places that can truly give you a new perspective on what it means to be American. The Wing is a Smithsonian Affiliate, a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution.