Diversity Committee

There are numerous ways to get involved in diversity at the iSchool! Through outreach, recruitment, and retention, the iSchool Diversity Committee works to foster a diverse, inclusive, engaging, and supportive social and intellectual learning environment that is open to diverse beliefs, values and perspectives. The Diversity Committee has four primary areas of function: Recruitment; Diversity Month; Diversity Summit; and Diversity Climate Survey.

Diversity Committee Meetings

Fridays, 1:30-3 p.m. in MGH 258

  • Autumn Quarter: October 7, December 9
  • Winter Quarter: January 27, March 10
  • Spring Quarter: March 31, May 26

Apply to be a member of the iSchool Diversity Committee! Early in fall quarter, you will receive an email invitation to apply for various iSchool committees. The Student Leadership Council reviews the applications and selects committee representatives.

iSchool Diversity Committee Members 2016-17

Cynthia del Rosario, Chair, cyn@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff Members:
Lovely Domingo, Recruitment Co-lead
Dowell Eugenio, Recruitment Co-lead, INFO
Mike Freeman, Recruitment
Tori Gottlieb (Fall 2016), Diversity Month Co-lead
Eileen Koven
Alycia McKenzie, Recruitment Co-lead
Ty Ngo
Patrick Osby, UW Libraries Diversity Officer
Chris Rothschild, Climate Survey Co-lead
Matthew Saxton, Diversity Summit Co-lead
Annie Searle, Diversity Summit Co-lead
Laura Schildkraft, Diversity Month Co-lead
Jason Yip, Climate Survey

Student Members/Programs:
Mayowa Aina, INFO student, iEquality
Nicky Andrews, MLIS Online student
Ivette Bayo Urban, PhD student
Amanda Cummings, MSIM student, AIMS President
Rose Frazier, MLIS Student, iQueeries
Jessica Humphries, MLIS Online student
Owen Kajfasz, MSIM student, AIMS Diversity Officer
Sunny Kim, MLIS student, iEquality
Royce Le, INFO student, IUGA Director of Diversity Efforts
Liz Mills, PhD student, DSA Diversity Representative
Jessie Zhang, INFO student, WINFO Director of Diversity Efforts
*TBD, MLIS student, ALISS Diversity Representative