• Human-machine connection
  • Performance under pressure
  • Data Ethics


Christine Haskell is an Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Washington Information School specializing in business intelligence, data governance, and project/portfolio management. She is passionate about data literacy and managing the culture change necessary to make data and analytics impactful for leaders and organizations. Christine believes that data is a language everyone must learn to become effective in their lives and work. In addition to her work at the Information School, she has led new product development in startups (Yahoo!, RealNetworks) and led cross-functional teams to develop global data management initiatives (Microsoft, Starbucks). Christine has also consulted, helping leaders manage individual and organizational change across various sectors, and written two self-directed learning books on leadership development. She has a Masters of Applied Behavior and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Leadership and Sustainable Systems (formerly IO Psychology) from Saybrook University.