Mike Doane

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Office: Mary Gates Hall 330J
Phone: 206.683.8857


  • Information Architecture
  • Metadata
  • Semantic Web Knowledge Structures

Current Quarter Teaching


Mike teaches three courses: IMT 535 Information Architecture with a focus is on fundamental aspects of both front-end design and back-end systems to support website design enabled by a content management system; IMT 530 - Organization of Information Resources, with a focus on the theory, planning and development of taxonomies and ontologies for web sites. Included study of metadata development, taxonomic structures, relationship mappings and user focused information findability; and LIS 584 - Knowledge Management, with a focus on the intellectual context for understanding organizational, managerial, and technical issues surrounding the practice of knowledge management in information-intensive organizations.


  • The Information Architecture Institute

Areas of Expertise

Publications and Contributions

  • Blog Post Can taxonomy survive the Trough of Disillusionment? (2016)
    LinkedIn Author: Mike Doane
  • Book Review Information 2.0 - New Models of Information Production, Distribution and Consumption (2015)
    Journal of Digital Media Management Volume 4 Issue 1 page pp. 92-98(7) Author: Mike Doane
  • Book Review Practical Digital Preservation - A How-To Guide for Organizations of Any Size (2015)
    Journal of Digital Media Management Volume 3 Issue 4 page 355-356(2) Author: Mike Doane


  • "Outfitting the Next Generation of Information Architects" (2016)
    World IA Day 2016
  • "Using Semantics to Enhance Police Body Camera Video" (2016)
    Enterprise Data World