Library Journal names 2 iSchool alumni 'Movers & Shakers'

Library Journal selected two iSchool Master of Library and Information Science graduates as Movers and Shakers in its 22nd annual celebration of up-and-coming leaders in the library field. 

Huda Shaltry, ’18, and Monnee Tong, ’12, were among 50 people from around the world who LJ recognized for their “innovative, proactive, and supportive work.” 

Huda Shaltry
Huda Shaltry (photo by Michelle Cortabitarte)

Shaltry is a branch manager at the Boise Public Library’s Hillcrest branch and the legislative chair of the Idaho Library Association. Shaltry was an activist even as a student and continues to remain committed to freedom of information and advocating for the First Amendment rights of libraries and librarians.

“It’s an uphill battle right now, but I like to have hope that people will do the right thing,” Shaltry told LJ

Monnee Tong (Tangerine Tree Photography)

Tong is the supervising librarian at the San Diego Public Library and was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee for the California Civil Liberties Program, through which she is fulfilling her passion for justice. Through leadership in research and professional advocacy, Tong is actively defending the civil liberties of underserved communities.

“The untold stories and histories of our community deserve a platform and a place at the library so we can learn about others and learn about ourselves,” Tong said to LJ

LJ designates six categories of leadership for its awards: Advocates, Community Builders, Change Agents, Innovators, Educators, and Ban Battlers. 

Shaltry is one of the seven Ban Battlers and Tong is one of eight Advocates in this year’s group of Movers and Shakers.