Incoming Dean Anind Dey featured in Seattle Times

“I’m coming to a school that’s doing really well,” the Information School’s incoming dean, Anind Dey, told columnist Katherine Long of The Seattle Times.

Long wrote about Dey’s hiring and how he fits at a school that changed around the turn of the century from a library school to one that’s is “as much about managing data as it is about helping library patrons find the right book.”

Dey spoke to long about how the need for information experts is expanding and how that increases the relevance of iSchool programs.

Long wrote: “Library-science programs around the country and the world began to reinvent themselves 15 to 20 years ago, Dey said, as it became clear that the growth of traditional library jobs was slowing, but the need for information experts was expanding. What the iSchool teaches now, he said, is ‘the collection of information and the use of information, and that can cover everything from the management of public libraries to how to manage data.’”

Read Long’s column in The Seattle Times.