TASCHA researcher interviewed in Seattle Times

According to an announcement by Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on March 1, the federal government has awarded a $84M grant to improve Internet access in Washington state. The grant is aimed at expanding broadband Internet access to rural and other underserved areas in Washington, and is among $800 million awarded to 24 states so far from $7.2 billion in stimulus money to connect homes, libraries, health clinics and others to high-speed Internet networks.

Rebecca Sears, a researcher with the Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA) at the iSchool, is quoted in the article regarding the empowering benefits of high speed access for individuals who are buying a car, job hunting or seeking medical advice.

TASCHA's work explores the design, use, and effects of information and communication technologies in communities facing social and economic challenges. You can find their Web site at tascha.uw.edu. The entire article from the Seattle Times can be found here.