SMR Knowledge profiles Senior Lecturer Gershenfeld

The December 2009 issue of SMR Knowledge Services features an interview with UW iSchool faculty member Nancy Gershenfeld. The article, written by iSchool MLIS Advisory Board member Marcie Stone, describes how the field of librarianship is adopting Information School (iSchool) philosophies and practices to create professionals who are in tune with the demands of the emerging knowledge professions.

The article was also the subject of a blog post by Guy St. Clair, the editor of SMR Knowledge. In St. Clair's post he writes "There's a welcome and very strong philosophy behind the work of [iSchools] as they seek to learn more about the relationship between information, people, and technology and connect all they learn with the strategic learning "piece" of knowledge services. With the good work being done in the iSchools, the future for strategic knowledge professionals seems bright indeed."

St. Clair also notes that changes to the field have paralleled aspects of Gershenfeld's career as a new corporate knowledge culture emerges.

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