Praise for UW iSchool report on info literacy

EDUCAUSE Quarterly has published an article about the implications of Project Information Literacy's latest research findings. In the article, "Information Literacy: A Neglected Core Competency," author Sharon A. Weiner examines the far-reaching implications of Project Information Literacy's latest survey results.

In arguing for the need for greater emphasis on information literacy, she goes on to say that "[B]ecause of reports such as the Project Information Literacy study, we can acknowledge that there are deficits in college students' information-seeking behaviors" as a first step in better supporting the information literacy needs of students from kindergarten through postsecondary education.

Project Information Literacy, a national research study, is co-directed by Dr. Alison Head, Research Scientist, and Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Dean Emeritus and Professor in the iSchool. The ongoing research, supported with contributing funds from the MacArthur Foundation, studies how college students find and conduct research in the digital age.