PIL interviews Rheingold about info literacy

In Project Information Literacy's latest "Smart Talk," Howard Rheingold, the well-known author who writes about the social, cultural, and political effects of modern communication media and technologies, is interviewed.&

Rheingold discusses the myth of the digital native and what digital literacy has come to mean for preparing students in the 21st century, and says: "Critical thinking is an old story, and there is a wealth of material available for teaching it. The irrevocable destruction of the authority of the text and the assumed unreliability of information found online require the consumers of knowledge to learn how to act like intellectual detectives." Read "Howard Rheingold: Crap Detection 101: Required Coursework."

Project Information Literacy is an ongoing national research study, led by the iSchool's Alison Head and Mike Eisenberg, and funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.