PIL featured in Chronicle of Higher Ed, First Monday

Following the release of the most recent findings from the UW iSchool's Project Information Literacy this week, the Chronicle of Higher Education and First Monday are featuring articles about why college students use Wikipedia as a research resource.

Project Information Literacy's (PIL's) latest research findings are featured in this month's online issue of First Monday. PIL's research article presents comprehensive findings about why college students use Wikipedia, when Wikipedia is used during the research process, and which majors are most likely to be Wikipedia users.

Data are derived from PIL's 2009 large-scale survey of students enrolled at six U.S. college campuses (n=2,318), including the University of Washington (UW). The ongoing research is co-directed by the iSchool's Dr. Alison Head and Dr. Michael Eisenberg. PIL is sponsored with contributing funds from the MacArthur Foundation.

And for additional information, also read The Chronicle of Higher Education's article about PIL's Wikipedia research.