Alumna achieves Bracket Perfection

This year's NCAA men's basketball tourney has left reason and innumerable busted brackets in its wake. But MLIS alumna Diana Inch -- a school librarian at Jefferson High School outside Salem, Oregon -- was the only Yahoo! user out of nearly three million to identify the last four teams standing. Her secret? A reliance on favorite letters, the numbers 7 and 11, and a passion for the underdog, which allowed her to accurately predict the last four teams -- Virginia Commonwealth University, Butler University, the University of Connecticut and the University of Kentucky.

"I like the numbers 7 and 11, the letters XV (and, although I didn't include it, Q is another favorite letter), and thought that picking teams based primarily based on their seeding numbers and mascots would potentially irritate some of my male sports-obsessed colleagues, especially if my bracket did well," she said in an interview with Yahoo! Sports' Brad Evans. "Any mascots we didn't know, I looked up online," she added. "That's what librarians do, we look things up!"

Inch hopes to use the attention her perfection has attracted to shine a light on the challenges facing her cash-strapped school district.

"It has been great fun, but I felt a sense of responsibility to use what short-lived fame I received to benefit the school district financially -- unfortunately, no one has stepped in to write a large tax-deductible check for the district. OPB [Oregon Public Broadcasting] gave me a very nice coffee mug but I doubt it will bring much on ebay."

Diana's sense of humor is on display in the full article, available here.