Meditation and mutlitasking research cited in Huffington Post

David Levy and Jacob Wobbrock's research on the benefits of meditation training was cited in a Huffington Post article by Elisha Goldstein. 

Goldstein writes, "Research suggests you look into mindfulness training.In 2012, David Levy and Jacob Wobbrock, Information School professors at the University of Washington, conducted a study with Human Resource Managers and asked them to engage in multitasking through all the usual methods of calendar, email, instant messaging, word-processing, and others and measured their stress. They split them up into three groups, one made up of participants taking part in an eight-week mindfulness course, another of participants taking an eight-week relaxation course and, thirdly, a group carrying on with business as usual.After the eight weeks, researchers had participants engage in multitasking again, and found that not only did the mindfulness group experience less stress while multitasking, they were also able to focus better."

The Huffington Post is the latest of many major publications to include Levy and Wobbrock's research: others include the New York Times, USA Today, Chronicle of Higher Education, Fox News, GeekWire, Smart Planet and News Medical. 

Read more about the research and media coverage at David M. Levy's website