Jochen Scholl keynotes annual NAGARA forum

iSchool Associate Professor Hans (Jochen) Scholl addressed 250 attendees at the National Association of Government Archivists and Record Administrators (NAGARA) annual E-Records Forum that took place in Seattle on October 24, 2012. The Washington State Archives are world leaders in digital record keeping.

In his keynote address, "Electronic Government Research (EGR): Current State and Major Challenges in the Years Ahead," Scholl presented an overview of the current state of EGR and the interacting challenges of market regulations and deregulations, the third industrial revolution, sustainable levels of government spending and debt financing, the evolution of smart government, and the emergence of new models of participation. Scholl suggests that information and communication technologies play a pivotal role in enabling a twenty-first century democratic government and that electronic government research needs to fully engage in studying these complex phenomena to help both theory and practice understand the choices and potential outcomes of EGR.