iSchools organization names David Fenske executive director

The iSchools organization has named David Fenske its new executive director. Fenske, who is dean emeritus of the College of Computing & Informatics at Drexel University, will oversee administrative operations for the iSchools organization for the next two years. The position of executive director was created earlier this year, in accord with the organization’s recent incorporation as a 501c3 in Washington, DC. Fenske is the first individual to hold the position.

The iSchools organization is a worldwide association of information schools dedicated to advancing the information field. These schools, colleges, and departments have been newly created or are evolving from programs formerly focused on specific tracks such as information technology, library science, informatics, information science, and more.

Fenske’s roots with the iSchools organization run deep. In 2001, he was one of five deans, including University of Washington Information School Dean Mike Eisenberg, comprising the group that would become the iSchools Caucus, or iCaucus. The iCaucus has served as the internal governing body of the iSchools organization since 2005. Fenske served for many years as the iSchools’ banker, and was one of the leaders in its recent push toward incorporation. Fenske was formally offered the position of iSchools executive director after stepping down as dean at Drexel CCI.

“I look forward to my new role with the iSchools organization, and to helping further advance the iSchools movement around the world.,” says Fenske. “Our 65 member-institutions train graduates and provide information solutions that benefit individuals, organizations, and society worldwide.”

In addition to serving as executive director, Fenske is also co-chair, with Jane Greenberg, of iConference 2016, the annual information conference presented by the iSchools. This year’s iConference, which is the eleventh in the series, is hosted by Drexel CCI and takes place March 20-23, 2016 in Philadelphia. This year’s theme is Partnership with Society. 

iCaucus Chairman Michael Seadle, dean of the Berlin School of Library and Information Science at Humboldt University, notes that the selection of Fenske as the organization’s first executive director was an easy choice. “David has long demonstrated his commitment to the information field and the iSchools movement,” says Seadle “The iSchools organization is fortunate to have someone with David’s experience, passion and dedication.”