iSchool Professor appointed to group advising Governor on Cybersecurity

Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, research associate professor and director of the Center for Information and Cybersecurity, has been appointed to Washington state’s new Cyber Unified Coordination Group (CUCG), which will advise Governor Inslee in the event of a significant cyber attack.

“Our soldiers and airmen have matriculated through the degree programs she has created and managed and we are huge fans of her message on the current state of Cybersecurity and the need for more public-private partnerships to create the next generation of Cyber Warriors our nation needs,” noted Major General Bret Daugherty in his letter to University of Washington President Young requesting approval for the appointment of Endicott-Popovsky.

In addition to her new role on CUCG, Endicott-Popovsky is a member of the advisory board for PRISEM (Public Regional Information Security Event Management), an operational partnership between the City of Seattle, University of Washington, Department of Homeland Security, the University of Michigan, and all participating jurisdictions.

The PRISEM system was developed as an early-warning Cybersecurity monitoring system for Washington state. It serves as a central security-event and analysis point that aggregates real-time log and cyber event information generated from local and state agencies managing critical infrastructure systems. PRISEM receives funding from the federal Department of Homeland Security, which also benefits from linking to the system.

“It is an honor to be able to contribute my expertise for the benefit of the citizens of Washington,” said Endicott-Popovsky about her recent appointments. “I always encourage my students to consider giving back in ways that benefit others as they establish their careers in Cybersecurity.”