iSchool DataLab and collaborators launch seminar series

The Data Science Seminar series is a university-wide effort bringing together thought-leading speakers and researchers across campus to discuss topics related to data analysis, visualization and applications to domain sciences.

Organized by the eScience Institute, iSchool DataLab, and CSE Interactive Data Lab, the series includes:

Spring 2014 Speakers

April 16
People, Data and Analysis
Pat Hanrahan, Professor, Stanford University & Co-Founder, Tableau Software

April 23
Machine Learning and Econometrics
Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google

May 21
What Academia Can Learn From Open Source
Arfon Smith, Scientist, GitHub & Co-Founder, Zooniverse

Fall 2014 Speakers

Date and topic to be announced 
Jon Kleinberg, Professor, Cornell University

Date and topic to be announced
Jure Leskovec, Professor, Stanford University

Date and topic to be announced
Martin Wattenberg & Fernanda Viégas, Directors of the "Big Picture" Visualization Group, Google

The series is supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, National Science Foundation and Microsoft Research.