iSchool awards stellar faculty and staff at annual meeting

The annual all iSchool retreat, held in September, is a time to celebrate a year of achievements, introduce new faculty and staff and begin the work of the new school year.

Several awards are presented to outstanding faculty and staff who are nominated by their peers for special recognition.

Outstanding Service Award: Mike Crandall

The OSA is to recognize faculty or staff for contributions to our community that go above and beyond their regular work duties and are unrelated to teaching. Mike Crandall, former chair of the MSIM program and current director of the iAffiliates program received this award.

The nominator noted, “I have found Mike to be one of the most dedicated, creative, collegial, and sharp-thinking scholars I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. Mike was heart and soul of the MSIM program, an outstanding instructor, as well as an enthusiastic advisor to students. Mike is a great inspiration to colleagues and students alike.” 

Pedagogical Recognition of Our Faculty (PROF): Ricardo Gomez

The PROF award is to recognize outstanding contributions to teaching made by tenure track faculty at the Information School. The PROF Award is a biennial award given in even years to recognize exemplary teaching by iSchool tenure track faculty.  Criteria are:
•Knowledge of the subject matter 
•Enthusiasm and innovation in the learning/teaching process
•Ability to engage students both within and outside the classroom 
•Ability to inspire independent and original thinking in students 
•Ability to stimulate students to do creative work
•Innovations in course and curriculum design

Ricardo Gomez won the 2012 PROF award. 

“We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, engaging, and inspiring scholar on our faculty,” said Bruce in his remarks. “ Your ability to stay excited on your topic, to determine the direction of class based on the interest of the students, to be flexible and encouraging to students are just some of the reasons you were nominated for this award.  Keep up the good work!”

Staff Tribute and Recognition (STAR) award: Jan Boyd

Through the STAR award, the School seeks to recognize outstanding examples of staff efforts and behaviors that exemplify the qualities of inspiration, collaboration, creativity, service excellence, or commitment as described on the nomination form.

Jan Boyd, manager of the graduate assistant help desk crew, won the 2012 STAR award.

Bruce said, “We are lucky to have such a respectful, thoughtful, creative, collegial, and dedicated staff member in our community.  Your commitment, accessibility, patience, and responsiveness make you a great inspiration to colleagues and students alike.  Congratulations!”

Special Outstanding Service Award: Harry Bruce

The final award was a special tribute to Dean Bruce from all of the faculty and staff of the iSchool. Bruce was awarded the iSchool Outstanding Service Award for Exceptional Leadership.

Mike Eisenberg, dean emeritus and faculty presented the award. He said, “Harry has demonstrated how he puts the iSchool mission into practice daily. The strength of the iSchool is demonstrated by the success of our current students and our graduates who work successfully for the major technology industries and libraries in Washington and beyond.

“It is through Harry’s tireless leadership that we have and are growing the programs to make this happen. Moreover, we have been able to attract and hire the top faculty candidates at the most outstanding universities in the nation through this reputation that Harry, as head of the iSchool caucus, has nurtured. 

“Harry has demonstrated his fierce determination to service the iSchool, and the University, precisely in the way that it is stated in the iSchool mission: He has been an information leader; he has designed solutions to information challenges; and by demonstrating how to do this for the benefit of the iSchool and the UW, he has made information work.”