Informatics student to run The Daily

As Editor-in-Chief of The Daily, a University of Washington (UW) student-run, print and online newspaper, Andre ​Stackhouse gets to call the shots.

“The Editor-in-Chief provides the leadership and management of the other editors, and can be the one to initiate bigger changes in direction for the publication as a whole,” said Stackhouse about his new summer appointment. “A part of the job is building that team of editors, each of whom has enormous influence over how that section is managed.”

Stackhouse, who is graduating with his Informatics degree, began at The Daily in the summer of 2011 working as a writer for the Arts & Leisure section where he focused on film critique and cultural opinion and analysis. He became the editor of the Arts & Leisure section last fall and said his main goals as a writer and editor were to “make intelligent and academic conversations about all forms of art accessible and interesting, as well as to inform the UW community of the rich culture in Seattle and the University of Washington.”

Diana Kramer, publisher/editorial adviser to The Daily, believes he has all the right skills to succeed.  “Andre was a very strong candidate for the summer Editor-in-Chief (EIC) position at The Daily. He has a strong background in video, having worked for The Daily Double Shot for quite a while. More recently he's been a section editor of the print newspaper. He's a strong writer and good editor.”

All photographers, writers, designers, and editors who contribute to the paper are UW students and come from a variety of majors on campus. The goal of the paper is to provide a professional learning environment for aspiring journalists and communicators.

“This is a great opportunity for Andre to experiment with approaches he's learned about in his academic program, and try things that could become part of The Daily next year,” says Kramer. “Because he's so familiar with The Daily Double Shot, I think we'll see even greater collaboration among our print, online and video students. We're heading toward confluence, and Andre can help influence what we try, and how we try it.”

Stackhouse has his own goals for the summer.

“As editor-in-chief, I hope to focus on building infrastructure to be more efficient, building a new and capable team for the next full academic year, and continuing the embrace of new and modern ways of reaching our audience.”