Incoming Informatics class breaks records

The new cohort of Informatics students will find more colleagues for project collaboration and networking when classes begin this fall.  At 210, it is one-third larger than the previous entering class and reflects a high demand for the major.

As a STEM major, it is one of several at the University of Washington that have competitive admissions processes.  Applications to the program have increased dramatically (see chart), and the iSchool has grown the size of the program to accommodate the interest.

Students in Informatics learn to design and create information systems, user interfaces, mobile technologies and social media. The curriculum draws from computer science, information science, sociology, psychology, design, and information management so graduates are well-rounded information and technology professionals.

The Informatics major was created in 2000 to fill the need for information experts in multiple industries. Today, the majority of 2014 graduates report accepting positions in information technology, with another 20 percent working in consulting.  Half of these jobs were secured through internships.

While the demand has increased, the students say they appreciate the strong sense of community that comes with smaller class sizes and managed growth.

For more information on the Informatics program from a student perspective, watch this video.