Early literacy the focus of newly awarded IMLS grant

The Information School at the University of Washington has been awarded a $635,000 National Leadership Research Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

The award builds on a 2009 research planning grant from IMLS that found what librarians have long suspected -- young children progress faster when the adults who look after them are more confident and competent with reading skills.

iSchool researchers, led by the Eliza Dresang, Beverly Cleary Professor of Children and Youth, along with partners, the Early Learning Public Library Partnership, the Foundation for Early Learning, and the Washington State Library, will investigate and test new ways to measure the effectiveness of early literacy programs in public libraries.


"Public libraries are an integral part of the state of Washington's nationally-recognized leadership in the area of early learning," said Dresang. "I'm delighted that the VIEWS2 partnership provides the opportunity to capitalize on this strength and to demonstrate what works in public libraries to prepare young children for kindergarten."


The research will focus on measuring early literacy outcomes for children from birth to entering kindergarten and will leverage innovative public library and school partnerships. The investigation will be conducted in Washington, but will be structured so that the results, tools, and methodology are available to libraries across the country.


Media contact: Lori Dugdale, ldugdale@uw.edu or 206-22106182