Barbara Endicott-Popovsky appointed to ARC leadership team

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) launched a new cybersecurity initiative to stop adversaries from infiltrating and damaging network infrastructure. Research Associate Professor Barbara Endicott-Popovsky will work with the initiative as part of her iSchool duties.

The Asymmetric Resilient Cybersecurity Initiative (ARC) explores ways to protect energy generation facilities, including nuclear systems, and improve the ability to anticipate, monitor and respond to threats to prevent counter terrorism.

“I am honored to hold a central role in this effort,” said Endicott-Popovsky. “The initiative is expected to deliver transformational solutions to some of the most challenging cybersecurity problems we face. It is the result of changes to the threat landscape that have grown significantly in scope and consequence over the last few years.”

PNNL is one of ten U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories whose research assists the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the National Nuclear Security Administration, other government agencies, universities and industry.

As part of this PNNL appointment, Endicott-Popovsky will participate in ARC funded research, design an academic dissemination program for publications and presentations in academic and government venues, and mentor doctoral students.