Annie Searle in The Risk Universe: Election has consequences

Information School Lecturer Annie Searle takes a grim view of the risks presented by the incoming Trump administration in her latest column for The Risk Universe.

“At stake in the government’s relationship with the private sector are such fundamental principles as that of separation of powers, of separation between church and state, the role of a free press, the First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom to worship (which includes all worship, including that of Muslims); and the Fourth Amendment requirements for probable cause and use of a warrant to search a citizen,” Searle writes.

Other possible consequences of the presidential election include the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, appointment of a Supreme Court justice who would oppose abortion rights, and expansion of the national security and surveillance apparatus implemented after 9/11, writes Searle, who specializes in information and risk, and on the impact of technology on ethics, policy and law.

“Through all of this we see that the impact of all these actions will fall most heavily on our most disenfranchised and profiled members: immigrants, Muslims (or those who look like they are Muslims), the LGBQ community and other minorities such as Native Americans and African Americans,” she writes.

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