DPLA selects MLIS Capstone project for permanent collection

The prestigious Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) will add an iSchool Capstone project to their permanent exhibition.

"Team Cartography," as they call themselves, consisting of Master of Library and Information students Greg Bem, Emily Felt (shown right), and Jessica Blanchard created the exhibit "American Cartography in the 19th and 20th Centuries.”

The DPLA is a super-aggregator of metadata with over one million digital items available to the public, made possible through a content hub/partnership model. Digitized content from an extensive national wide network of small regional institutions and large digital libraries is accessible to end users through a single access point: The DPLA home page.

Team Cartography designed an exhibit based on the subject of Cartography composed of four sub-sections, called themes, Each theme uses high-quality images telling stories of struggles for power, scrambles for land, and desires for tangible knowledge of a vast and exciting new world.

Through extensive research, rigorous editorial decisions, and meticulous metadata entry, Team Cartography curated an informative, visually engaging collection highlighting forty incredible images available through the DPLA.

The DPLA will be expanding the project and securing copyright permissions with the intention of adding the exhibit this fall on their website.