Anastasia Tucker: Library of Congress Fellow

The Library of Congress (LOC), the world’s largest, all-inclusive library, is known as a dynamic center for scholarly work and connections. Each year, participants in their Junior Fellows Summer Intern Program are able to work with library curators and specialists in various divisions to explore digital initiatives and increase access to the institution’s unparalleled collections and resources.

MLIS student Anastasia Tucker was the first intern to work on a project in the Congressional Research Service. She helped analysts develop a report about federal programs and policies addressing behavioral health issues in the American Indian and Alaska native population. Following review, the report will be made available to Congress and congressional staffers.

“This experience has been of tremendous value to me,” said Tucker in the LOC Gazette. “I’ve gained experience in reading and interpreting policy, cultivating an analytical tone in writing and new researching techniques. I learned more about several federal agencies and have a better understanding of congressional proceedings.”

Program participants were selected from 800 applicants to work on 26 projects. According to Director Jane McAuliffe, LOC divisions vie with each other to host a junior fellow to take advantage of student's knowledge, work skills and willingness to really dig in to the projects. 

Tucker plans to work in a public or academic library after graduation.