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Research Conversation: Eliza Dresang & the Early Learning Study

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Monday, October 14, 2013
12 - 1 p.m.
MGH 420

Valuable Lessons in Early Learning that Work Successfully (Project VIEWS2) is a research project, with an optimistic title, conceived in response to public librarians and library directors across the state of Washington asking “how can we know whether the early literacy focus of our storytimes makes a difference for the children’s learning to read successfully?” Following a one-year planning grant, the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded three additional years of study for UW researchers to develop tools and a methodology to answer this question. Year 3, coming up, will follow some of the children to kindergarten and attempt to model library-school connections.

Several aspects of this study are unique. First the researchers, largely UW MLIS students who took a research seminar in the winter quarter in a simultaneous in-person and on-line class and then scattered over the state spring quarter each of two years to collect and analyze data. Second the quasi-experimental research design with pre and post test data collection, random assignment to conditions, and an intervention, highly unusual if not completely absent in libraries. Third systematic study of storytimes. Fourth instruments that allow collection of data in informal group situations where the participants may differ. And fifth – the results!

Presenting along with Eliza Dresang are four second year iSchool MLIS students who participated in the research seminar and data collection: Katie Bouchard, John Goddard, Nate Haslan, and Lisa Jordan. 

Join us online via the Adobe Connect room for Research Conversations.

Contact:  Ann Corboy,, 206-543-6829