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iAffiliates Day

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Thursday, April 11, 2013
8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Husky Union Building

The iSchool iAffiliates Program is pleased to sponsor the annual the iAffiliates Day, an event that fosters new partnerships and showcases the innovative work being done at the iSchool.  The event is an unconference format with the theme of discovering information partnerships. We are pleased to have Todd Bishop, co-founder of Geekwire, as our keynote speaker. 

The objective of this unconference is to connect iSchool faculty, students and research staff with community partners in an open forum environment to explore areas of common interest and surface new ideas for collaboration. The event will also include in-depth research presentations and the opportunity to discuss this research with faculty and students. 

The Unconference Concept

What happens when you put smart people in a room to talk about a shared passion and encourage an open format where creative thinking thrives? An Unconference!

This participant-driven event allows for an organic process where attendees create the agenda and guide the sessions. The day will be structured around a series of topics related to the work at the iSchool, including:

  • Big Data and Data Science: Joshua Blumenstock will present on using large-scale mobile network data to understand adoption, churn, and behavior
  • Digital Youth: Katie Davis will present on how online badging systems can support learning experiences that tap into youth's personal interests, promote twenty-first century skills, and connect the learning that takes place across youth's various contexts
  • Early Childhood Literacy: Beverly Cleary Professor of Children and Youth Services, Eliza Dresang, will present evidence from her investigation in 40 Washington libraries that librarians who incorporate research-based early literacy skills in their story-times have a positive impact on children’s readiness to read
  • Big Data in Social Science: iSchool Professor and UW Social Media Lab Director Bob Mason will address meeting the challenge of credible social media research
  • Big User Data and Social Computing (BUDS): David McDonald wonders what it would take to generate a community of "BUDS"?
  • Understanding and Engaging the Google Generation: Based on findings from Project Information Literacy, Mike Eisenberg will discuss the information seeking behaviors of early adults as well as techniques and technologies to develop essential information problem-solving skills

These topics, among others, will be presented in lightening presentations delivered at the start of the unconference and will spark ideas for the subsequent sessions.

The Participants

This event is designed to benefit users and practitioners in the broad area of information management and use.  If you are involved with the design, operation, or use of information intensive applications, whether in corporations, government organizations, libraries, or other non-profits, you will benefit from this event.

Contact:  Andy Willmer at or 206.543.2971
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