iSchool Capstone

ResumAI: An AI career counselor chat bot that gives personalized resume feedback

Project tags:

community engagement & outreach

content & digital asset management

equity & inclusion

ResumAI is a web based chat bot that helps job applicants overcome their resume challenges by giving them personalized feedback on their resumes and careers. Using the latest iteration of Chat GPT, ResumAI serves as a platform that facilitates and collaborates with the user resulting in improved resumes for all. We have addressed the bias, limitation, and accountability of ResumAI with an additional academic paper working with our sponsor Professor Chirag Shah. Team ResumAI has presented to the iSchool Founding Board representing the UW undergraduate capstone program, leveraging the capabilities of AI and providing personalized career guidance for job seekers.

Project participants:

Joyce Kim


Eivy Cedeno


Sachi Figliolini


Muhammad Rahman


Charles Kleier