iSchool Capstone

reflect: a full-length smart mirror for pregnant and postpartum individuals

Project tags:

archives & special collections

equity & inclusion

ux & interaction design

Design Award

Experiences of dissatisfaction are a pervasive issue in today's society, however, there are few information solutions available that specifically address this within pregnant or postpartum individuals. Recognizing that negative body perception can cause significant distress to both the parent and their child, Team U has developed a solution that fundamentally prioritizes mental health and well-being: reflect. reflect is a full-body smart mirror that integrates daily check-ins, intention setting, breathing exercises, reflection time, and mirror exposure therapy. Our goal is to encourage users to slow down, cultivate healthier relationships with themselves, and ultimately, help improve their quality of life.

Project participants:

Uyen Dao


Selina Dinh


Hadar Dolev


Yaying Wang


Ha To