iSchool Capstone

Bridging Barriers: Enhancing Accessibility of EthnoMed's Digital Content for Providers & Patients

Project tags:

content & digital asset management

equity & inclusion

information behavior & user research


EthnoMed, an organization that provides cross-cultural & language resources on healthcare, faces issues with the delivery and structure of its video and website content. Providers have difficulty accessing these digital resources, and patients are unaware of them. This contributes to worse patient outcomes, drawn-out in-clinic processes, and increased strain on staff & clinician resources. In order to address these problems, Team AGJL conducted research and used findings to shape a solution that enhances the accessibility of EthnoMed’s digital content for providers & patients.

Project participants:

Lukas Guericke


Aamer Alam


Joy Gassama


Genela Cereno