iSchool Capstone

BACtracker: Increasing Alcohol Health Literacy in Young Adults

Project tags:

information literacy

knowledge organization

mobile or web development

Overuse of alcohol at a young age can lead to dangerous in-the-moment and long-term consequences. However, current legal restrictions and preventive approaches are not sufficient to reduce alcohol abuse; information gaps and misinformation regarding alcohol safety remain. To address this, we created BACtracker, an app providing easy-to-access information about alcohol and safe drinking practices to young adults, especially those within gender minorities. Featuring an extensive Information Hub and personalized Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Calculator, our app helps young adults make more informed, accurate decisions about alcohol consumption to keep them and their communities safe.

Project participants:

Melina Perraut


Emiri Nishizawa


Roshni Srikanth


Gisele Fox