iSchool Capstone

Automatic Privacy Notice Checker

Project tags:

information assurance & cybersecurity

information literacy

information policy & ethics

Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) currently evaluates the privacy notices of their data recipients who collect information about state residents for business purposes manually. This process is time-intensive, inconsistent, and prone to human error. Our team developed an Automated Privacy Notice Checker (APNC) tool to address these concerns. APNC assesses these privacy notices based on defined baseline requirements and highlights the non-compliant areas by these data recipients as per the DOL standards. Our solution makes the entire process more consistent, quick and data-driven. With improved efficiency, our tool empowers the DOL in securing the data of Washington State Residents.

Project participants:

Amol Soley


Byung Min


Julie Emory


Parth Oza