iSchool Capstone

All Animals Have a Home: Paws Print

Project tags:

community engagement & outreach

knowledge organization

social justice

In Argentina, the growing stray dog and cat population challenges animal shelters facing limited funding, organization, and volunteer support. To tackle this issue, we partnered with Vinoly, an Argentine tech-consulting firm, to develop three innovative solutions. First, a resource guide outlining efficient shelter organization based on successful U.S. models. Second, a landing page for Vinoly. Lastly, a platform fostering connections between shelters and volunteers. By implementing these strategies, Paws Print aims to substantially enhance animal welfare in Argentina over the long term, remaining committed to creating a lasting, positive impact on the lives of these vulnerable animals.

Project participants:

Aman Brar


Cameron Rezek


Catherine Lien


Cheryl Feng


Kenny Pham