iSchool Capstone

Translating Gun Violence Research Into Action

Project tags:

community engagement & outreach

data science & visualization

information behavior & user research

Gun violence and youth suicides in the U.S. are on the rise. In 2019 alone, a minor was killed by a gun every 2 hours and 36 minutes. In working with the Grandmothers Against Gun Violence Foundation (GAGVF), the “Translating Gun Violence Research Into Action” project takes statistics and research to convey the importance of gun safety through educational data visualizations, gun storage guides, and connections to more resources to gun-owning families. These educational materials will be distributed by the GAGVF to reduce unintentional gun deaths among minors, primarily in Washington State, and promote safe gun storage within gun-owning households.

Project participants:

Naisha Gandhi


Yeh-Sun Lee


Yenni Lee


Soo Bin Park