iSchool Capstone

A Sprout's Journey: Increasing Agricultural Awareness and Reading Proficiency Through Online Interactivity

Project tags:

digital youth & youth services

mobile or web development

ux & interaction design

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused decreasing public elementary school student engagement yet increasing comfort with low-quality online teaching. This is contributing to falling student reading capability and teachers' lack of incentive to challenge their students further through the incorporation of a science curriculum, leaving students underprepared to handle the increase in greener initiatives. To address these informational gaps, Sprout aims to deliver to elementary school students from grades 1-3 an interactive web-based storybook that introduces environmental education while increasing reading proficiencies by incorporating elements of both the English Language Arts Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Project participants:

Juliane De Los Santos


Vivian Nguyen


Shane Fretwell


Hannan Ajmal