iSchool Capstone

MasterView: A User-Centered Customer Management Platform for Masterworks

Project tags:

data science & visualization

database administration & development

ux & interaction design

Masterworks is a full-service marketing and fundraising agency that helps faith-based non-profits achieve their missions through growth strategies focused on quality of engagement with their audiences. Masterworks clients don’t fully understand the effectiveness of digital marketing, which affects the company’s ability to retain clients in the future. Our MasterView Tool enables Masterworks’ clients to see the value of investing in digital marketing. It achieves this goal by showing them the specific ways that a person’s engagement with ads leads to financial donations. With this, Masterworks can validate that their clients' investments are delivering quantifiable results.

Project participants:

Albina Udas


Larry Tian


Sathvika Shakhamuri


Jason Tsai