iSchool Capstone

ListeningPal: A Peer-to-Peer Mental Health Service

Project tags:

mobile or web development

software development

ux & interaction design

Did you know anxiety and depression has increased by a massive 25% since 2020? Did you also know that 20% of American adults who struggle with mental health are unable to find affordable counseling? ListeningPal, a PNW-based company that provides mental health peer support, is here to combat the issues of the inaccessible and costly nature of counseling. Our team was thrilled to address this disparity by bringing life to the ListeningPal app where users can schedule thirty-minute appointments with ListeningPal’s trained peer support staff and be heard, understood, and valued all while staying anonymous and saving money and time.

Project participants:

Emily Dooley


Madison Johnstone


Raiham Malik


Connor Voelk