iSchool Capstone

League of Legends Esports Alexa Skill - A New Way to Engage with Esports

Project tags:

content & digital asset management

knowledge organization

software development

Esports have an immense amount of data tracked and available during the game, but it’s not always accessible to interact with. This is why Riot Games (Creators of League of Legends & Valorant) tasked us with creating a fresh and fun way for new and experienced League of Legends (LoL) Esports fans alike to keep up with the games. Whether you want to ask which team is winning, what the standings are in the league, or set a reminder for your next game, the LoL Esports Alexa Skill is ready to immerse you in a new level of engagement.

Project participants:

Erin Chang


Jesse Sershon


Pasit Areepipatkul


Sharon Xin-Yi Lin