iSchool Capstone

Aida: Visualizing Medical Needs for Limited English Proficiency Users

Project tags:

equity & inclusion

information literacy

mobile or web development

Innovation and Design Award

8.6% of the American population are not proficient in English and find it difficult to access healthcare that is predominately provided in English. Communication issues caused by language barriers make Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals vulnerable to poor health outcomes. To help tackle this information problem, we created Aida. Aida is an app that allows users to input their symptoms in their preferred language, using our visual process. We generate an easy-to-read symptom card to show their doctor. Our solution reduces the stress and difficulty of communicating symptoms and supports LEP users in receiving the effective healthcare they deserve.

Project participants:

Ari Madian


Janvi Wadhawan


Vishank Rughwani


Saurav Sawansukha